Waterlase Laser Therapy

Patient comfort and clinical efficiency in dentistry are constantly improving, especially with recent technological advances. We stay on top of innovative dental tools and treatments to bring patients the best dentistry has to offer. The Waterlase soft and hard tissue laser combines laser energy (focused, concentrated light) and a stream of water to perform dental procedures and eliminate the need for dental drilling and anesthesia in many instances.Coming soon.

Benefits of Waterlase

The Waterlase can remove decay and prepare teeth for fillings, and it can also perform root canals, bone grafting, re-contouring (reshaping) of “gummy” smiles, and many general soft tissue procedures – and the benefits are bountiful. The Waterlase does not emit heat and vibration like conventional drills, and this makes treatment so comfortable that often, anesthesia injections are not necessary. It also provides pinpoint accuracy, effectively performing procedures without damaging surrounding tissues. TheWaterlase has proven effective for many soft-tissue procedures, such as periodontal therapy, crown lengthening, and soft tissue biopsies. Patients can expect minimal, if any, recovery time afterwards because laser therapy causes less trauma, bleeding, and swelling than traditional surgery.

Lasers, like Waterlase, have revolutionized dentistry. They will change the way you feel about coming to the dentist. If you have questions about Waterlase or our other state-of-the-art tools, call us today. An informed patient makes wise decisions, so we’ll do all we can to provide you the information you need and the care you deserve.