If you have a chipped tooth, or one that is slightly misaligned, or some other imperfection that needs some attention, you may want to consider cosmetic bonding. Cosmetic bonding is a procedure in which we use tooth-colored resin to esthetically restore and reshape your tooth. We can close spaces between teeth, lengthen small or misshapen teeth, whiten stained or dark teeth, or protect severely worn teeth from further wear and damage. We can reshape and restore a single tooth, or improve your entire smile.

Cosmetic Bonding Process

Your dentist will select a small bit of composite resin to match the shade of your tooth. The putty-like material will be placed onto your prepared tooth, and then hardened with a soft curing light. The doctor will shape and polish your new restoration, and then make sure that it fits well with your bite. In just one visit, you can enjoy a beautiful, natural looking new smile! Cosmetic bonding can be a viable, affordable alternative to porcelain veneers, and with proper care, can last for many years.

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