Professional Oral Hygiene

Because we’re committed to preventive dentistry, Expressions Dental recommends that all of our patients see us for routine cleanings and examinations at an interval specifically designed for each individual’s needs. These periodic visits play a critical role in your preventive care program. It’s the best way for you to prevent advanced dental and health problems and will minimize the time and money you spend in the dental chair.

Routine Oral Examination

Our dental hygienists are highly trained and licensed oral health professionals who can provide you with educational, clinical, and therapeutic services to enhance your oral and overall health. During your appointment, we will review and update your medical history and listen to any concerns you may be experiencing. We’ll screen for oral cancer, examine your restorations, and evaluate your bite and jaw joints. Your hygienist will thoroughly clean all surfaces of your teeth, removing bacterial plaque and tartar deposits and stains from above and below your gum line. She will evaluate the health of your gums and bone, and may be involved with the specialized treatment of periodontal disease, which includes procedures such as scaling and root planning.

Our hygienists may also take digital radiographs to help detect any concerns that cannot be detected clinically. Your hygienist may also explain the relationship between your diet and dental health, offering suggestions about which foods and drinks to select and which to avoid. She may apply fluoride gels or varnishes, and show you how to select and use homecare products that will effectively help you maintain excellent oral hygiene.

The dental hygienists at Expressions Dental are excellent resources that can help you and your family keep your healthy smiles for a lifetime! Call us today!