What Our Patients and Peers Are Saying:

“We work with the best dentists across the country, and Dr. Clary leads the way. From comprehensive preventive care for his patients, to the delivery of naturally beautiful and functional dentistry, we have always found Dr. Clary to be professional, honest, and caring.”
Phillip Gold
Oral Arts Dental Lab
Atlanta, Georgia

“I feel that Dr. Clary and his staff’s approach to dentistry is always very thorough, always state of the art, and finally, always a very friendly place to visit so you can relax and enjoy their truly professional services.”
Delwyn D. Bluhm, PhD, PE
Ames, Iowa

“Approximately two percent of dentists attain the level of master . . . as has Dr. John Clary. This, combined with his empathy and caring, results in a truly unique professional. John is a credit to dentistry, and his patients can be most assured in his care. He is a superb dentist and a wonderful human being.”
Bill Brennan, DDS
Ticonderoga, New York

“We attribute Dr. Clary’s success to his dedication to excellent dentistry, his expertise in the field, and his genuine care and concern for his patients both professionally and personally. Dr. Clary has reason to be proud of his dental practice, because he has worked hard at building not just a practice, but also a professional family.
One just can’t acquire a good reputation . . . it must be cultivated. A professional must also surround himself with the best people. We know Dr. Clary and his staff have worked hard at building success together. This has not come overnight, but instead has been a long, steady process. The result is a professional, friendly, warm, and caring atmosphere that comes forth in the attitude of the entire staff.”
Bob and Linda
Des Moines, Iowa

“It is a wonderful pleasure for me to work with Dr. John Clary in providing the orthodontic care for his patients. John has developed an excellent reputation for delivering comprehensive, quality dental care. . . what a gentle, kind, and caring person!”
Tom Stark, DDS, MS
Ames, Iowa

“Fear. That is the one word I use to describe my early experiences with dentists. After over ten years of staying away from dentists, my teeth were getting sensitive, and I thought it was time I started taking better care of them. Unaware that I had been grinding my teeth down to nothing all these years, I saw a dentist who referred me to Dr. John E. Clary, DDS.

“After my first visit with Dr. Clary, which included a thorough diagnosis, I truly felt he cared about me, my condition, and the work he does. I met with Dr. Clary again, and he sat me down and explained the current condition of my teeth, including pictures of where the problems were and a chart showing the problems and his plan for treatment. Dr. Clary then gave me handouts and explained each phase of his plan in order to restore my teeth. The costs were broken down by each phase and different financial plans were explained to me.

Dr. Clary explained to me how years of clenching and grinding my teeth had caused major damage to my mouth. My teeth were cracked and fractured, and I had worn the enamel off of several of them. He showed how my crooked bite was causing an unbalance between my severely worn teeth and jaw joints, affecting my ability to chew. In addition, he pointed out that years of using smokeless tobacco was causing pre-cancerous changes in my tissues, and that it had also contributed to cavity formation, receding gums, and discoloration.

After contemplating my condition, I felt it necessary to do the work, so that I could have a healthy mouth for the rest of my life. First, models were made of my existing teeth, so that a thorough diagnosis and treatment plan could be completed. Dr. Clary designed the case so that it could be completed in phases. The first phase consisted of removing all the active disease and placing resin restorations and temporary crowns, which really improved my smile and bite. In addition, a custom mouthguard was made to conform to my teeth in order to protect them from any further damage grinding at night might do. In the next phase, they plan to replace the temporary restorations with the final porcelain crowns. Sound scary? Yes, but for me it was necessary, and I am so thankful that I was able to have a dentist such as Dr. Clary to do the work. Dr. Clary and his excellent staff are professional in the work they do, yet also conscious of the patient’s needs and keep a relaxed atmosphere which truly makes you feel comfortable. They have always been there for me. The time I cracked an old filling and when I broke one of my temporary teeth, they not only made the time for me to get in quickly and get the work done, but also helped me fill out my accidental insurance claim. I now see Kelly twice a year to get my teeth cleaned and am waiting to get my permanent crowns on. I can honestly say that going to the dentist is still not on my list of favorite things to do, but knowing I will be greeted by a staff that truly cares for their patients and treated by a dentist up-to-date on all his procedures, I am comfortable when I need work done on my teeth. Thank you Dr. Clary and all your staff for helping me smile again.”
Boone, Iowa

“Fifteen years ago I followed Dr Clary’s advice and have been wearing a nightguard ever since. I’m grateful for the relief I’ve experienced and for successfully preventing the problems I may have encountered without it.”
Slater, Iowa

“I have been using the OASYS dental sleep appliance since July, 2008. This sleep appliance has been useful in two ways. First, it is very effective in reducing and eliminating snoring. The effect is immediate. Second, as an alternative to CPAP machine, this dental sleep appliance is much more useable. It is as simple as placing the appliance in your mouth before retiring. No mask, no hoses, no straps, no sore nose, no dry throat. Within several days, there was a clear improvement in daytime alertness. I would recommend the OASYS dental sleep appliance for either of the above situations.”
Huxley, Iowa