November 19, 2018
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We are proud to announce that Expressions Dental has recently acquired 2 new Biolase dental lasers - the Waterlase iPlus and the Epic X diode laser! These lasers allow us to provide a whole new level of care for our patients. With the Waterlase iPlus laser, we can be much more conservative in restoring teeth that have cavities - usually WITHOUT the need for anesthetic (no shots!). What this means for you is faster, more conservative treatment in most cases with less discomfort and no numb lip!

Both of these lasers also allow us to provide low level laser therapy to the soft tissues of the mouth and face. Low level laser therapy has been used in medicine for years to speed up healing from minor surgical procedures, treat muscle and joint pain, and treat chronic inflammatory diseases such as lichen planus. These lasers also work great to easily and comfortably treat canker sores in the mouth and cold sores on the lips.

And finally, the Biolase diode laser also does a great job in quickly and comfortably whitening your teeth without the post-whitening sensitivity that is common with other whitening techniques.

We are happy and proud to be able to offer this level of care to our patient family and expand the services we can offer.


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